Yesterday I showed you how to render brisket fat into beef tallow and use the tallow for slow cooking a brisket flat. They do seal when still warm ( my herbal infusions seal too LOL) but I just assumed it is too warm here to keep them in the pantry. 7 SUB. 5 from 1 vote. When the fat is liquid, it will be a lovely golden brown,  but when it hardens, it turns a pure white. It … I’d read about several different ways to render fat, but I chose two that seemed to make the most sense. You might be left with some tasty cracklings at the end of this – if you are, save them and use them to season another dish – it’s delicious! But you know me, ‘why make more work than necessary?’ is my motto, so I just put the entire big chunk in a pot. Your email address will not be published. Check back later tonight when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! Sweet potatoes are great and we use a good amount of them, and we’ve managed to cut a lot of grains out. There is the tradition of pas shacharis, ‘morning bread’. It will seal as it cools, and will stay shelf stable for many, many months. A smoked brisket will render half its weight during this process, meaning if you bought a 12-pound brisket you will get about 6 pounds of meat once it is cooked. Growing up there was always a tub of beef fat in the kitchen for cooking and frying. Typically, when you’re smoking a brisket, you want a whole packer version, which is left untrimmed. One will render down and add flavor to the entire cut. The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS. Step 1: Trim Your Fat You want to try and cut only sections of fat from the meat. View Full Version : Injecting Brisket with Fat. If using a blender, I found it easier to pulverize in small 1/2 cup amounts at a time. Place the pan over a medium flame, until the water starts to boil, then turn heat down to low. I think it stays fairly well on the counter if it’s been well strained as long as it’s not for very long periods of time, so we keep ours refrigerated most of the time. This fat protects the meat during smoking and stops it drying out. Dh has been on GAPS for over eighteen months so he’s off all grains, beans, and doesn’t have challah even on Shabbos. Whole hog and achiote mopping sauce\u0026t=130sHow to render beef fat - brisket tallow _ Brisket ways Ep. ), since you posted about sprouting lentils I have been sprouting them too. Cook Leg Quarters in an Electric Smoker; How Many Slabs of Ribs for 100 People; How Long Does It Take To BBQ Ribs; How to Grill Frozen Burgers; How to Smoke Mozzarella Cheese; BBQ Sauce Alternatives; 10 Ways to Thicken BBQ Sauce; How To Marinate Chicken In Bbq Sauce ; Bbq Green Beans; Articles Menu Toggle. I still eat rice and potatoes though. Their digestive systems were undoubtedly much stronger than ours and their gut flora would have been in much better shape, so they could effectively digest and utilize the nutrients in their bread. Yes, their gut flora was better and the soil was not depleted and poisoned and was a rich source of minerals and good bacteria. And thanks for the great reminder that clear instructions are helpful to us all! Log In Sign Up. Ingredients 3-4 pounds white beef fat … Stir it around every 20 minutes or so. Firstly, you’ll need to get hold of a good bit of beef fat. The long cooking time allows the fat to render and the connective tissue to break down, leading to tender and tasty results. The other is hard fat, won’t render down, and will stop that … That’s awesome! Smoked brisket: The Brisket Fat Cap Bastes the Beef As It’s Smoked. PS As the steak on the grill was ready for what was supposed to be “beef love” before the final sear, I noticed some thick liquid in the saucepan–what was left of my disaster. I found it dificult and smelly and hard to clean up. When I raised the lid the smoke exploded out 10 times more volumous. There are enough other alternatives like butter, palm shortening and coconut oil that you can easily find at health food stores, TJs, Whole Foods. The beef tallow makes for a delicious substitute for oil or butter, and it tastes amazing. I mentioned in a recent post about our food costs that we were able to get it for 13 shekels a kilo – originally he told us it would be 25 shekels a kilo, and then went down on the price. There are different qualities of fat; if you have a choice, you want a big chunk of white fat rather than a blob of little pieces. There is none around here, (even tho I think there is a good sized Jewish community in Portland) & I think places like Whole Foods charge for fat. Aimee | Jun 3, 2006 12:57 PM 1. I still believe it’s the best way to eat, though. We have been discussing it and it seems like a fine idea. We got a nice slab from the ribs, which is good quality fat. > Discussion Area > Competition BBQ > Injecting Brisket with Fat. But either way, you’ll prepare it the same way. I don’t think it’s any harder to clean up than any other oil. That’s why it’s important to know how to trim a brisket properly. This fat should be uniform in thickness. The fat should be glossy and white, the lean meat a deep ruby color. and as of now i cant imagine buying just fat- there’s already more than enough fat in the chickens and meats that i get. It turns out that beef tallow has an extremely high smoke point which makes it a great oil for deep frying. Servings : 30. I don’t try to convince people of anything, really. I usually soak the oats and rice and quinoa before cooking and besides the oats, usually cook them in broth so it is easier to digest and there are nutritional benefits. Cook gently for 1-2 hours, stirring every so often until most of the fat has rendered. PDA. ), Are you able to get beef fat cheaply? The first step is to cut away all pieces of meat from the fat, because it can spoil the tallow. How To Render Beef Fat - Beef Tallow - Duration: 6 ... HOW TO SMOKE BRISKET - Duration: 39:46. We do eat rice & potatoes, although we eat more sweet potatoes ( tonight we had sweet potato latkes) I also agree that grains and legumes are filling and can feed a big family for less. When it’s liquid, it’s called rendered – pour the fat through a strainer into a glass jar or container. On one side is a thick layer of hard fat. Straining directly into a jar Pour into your jars OR line baking pans with parchment paper or waxed paper and pour the liquid fat into the pans. But we (collective ‘we’ of this generation) can’t do that. I wonder if you rendered it at a high heat? ). Put the burner on low, and let the fat slowly melt over the course of time – it might take up to a few hours, depending how much fat you have. So here in the USA, you got the fat from a kosher butcher? I used enameled cast-iron pots and about a pound of cubed fat in each. Q: I work at a caterer’s for extra cash on weekends, and I always end up with a few leftovers by the end of Sunday. BRISKET: Start by unpackaging your brisket and placing it on a cutting board. There’s lots of fascinating research about this and if you’re interested in reading some articles, here are some to start you off:,  (This blogger has a PhD in neurobiology and has a number of excellent articles on different aspects of the research on saturated fat – you can do a search on his blog if you’re interested in reading more. Brisket does not absorb moisture from fat when cooked, so placing it fat side up does not help keep your brisket moist. But budgetarily I have to use meat as an ingredient rather than a main dish, which means I use beans and vegetables, or sometimes a grain and vegetable, to make a filling dish. They would have had coarsely ground whole grain flour, fermented and baked as a sourdough. Have you ever kept your jars out during the summer? with the chicken, i clean and bake and when the fat has solidified i scrape it out of the pan and put it in a container. The short answer flies in the face in a lot of mythology around fat rendering and retention: Brisket should be placed with the fat side facing down. We don’t have a local kosher butcher anymore so we have to order it or get mealmart/ Empire stuff. Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasures’ Make Your Own! Turn the pot on a medium low heat and let the fat gently warm up and begin to liquify. Salt and pepper night before (very little if any trimming, it doesn’t seem to have much fat to spare) Take meat out 1 hour before smoking, bringing it to room temp Smoke 4 hours at 225 degrees Wrap with butcher paper once internal temp hits 160 degrees edited 4 years ago. The most amount you can get is on a brisket, and that tends to make the brisket cook moist. Your email address will not be published. (You can also see the little food particles at the bottom of the jar of melted fat on the right, if you look closely. We’ve been busy prepping to go out of state for Christmas, so I stuck it in the freezer. this is how i render my fat- tell me if this is right. The wet-render sounded tempting, if a bit messy and time-consuming, but I eventually passed on it. Mike tweaked his process to add a bigger load of fat and put it on at night “to make sure it’s got that first good kick of the charbroiled flavor.” It worked. If you’re Jewish and keep kosher, then it isn’t advisable to get non-kosher fat. In this video I show you how to make tallow aka (Texas butter) how to use beef rendered fat in barbecue and cooking.⭐Visit my Amazon store to purchase my favorite BBQ \u0026 Cooking junk in the trunk...✅Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel ! After the brisket is cooked though the fat is sort of blended in than. i got a bag full of fat (for free!) If you are going to refrigerate the fat and don’t care if there are tiny pieces of meat that end up in it, don’t bother straining it. Estee, we use fat to cook just about everything, and what’s left from a chicken is nowhere close to enough for us! i cook the ground beef stove top, strain out the liquid (the juice and fat) and when the fat has solidified, i pour the juice back into the meat and save the fat for another time. i’m not sure how quickly i’m going to go through it, i feel like i have to revamp how i meal plan because breakfast and lunch is usually dairy. 05-16-2011, 05:00 PM. Arlin_MacRae. 05-16-2011, 05:00 PM.,, Being productive during the lockdown – replacing interior doors, Resolving my inner conflict about special ed and inclusion, Why remote learning is hard and how to make it easier. what other dishes do you use your fat for? Trim the bottom (fat side) of the brisket down to roughly 1/4 inch of fat, this is plenty of fat for rendering but not too much. It should have no holes or chunks missing that expose the meat. It should have a layer of fat on one side. Flavor-wise, I prefer to use coconut oil or palm shortening for baking, but find the beef fat adds a nice flavor to most other things. I’ve only made a tiny amount of schmaltz, but that seemed much more user friendly. I think you are so right about the difference between our modern over processed grains and the ancient grains and that they were most likely fermented. I settled on doing the traditional dry-render over super low heat on the stove top. Unfortunately, the thick, hard layers of fat on a brisket won’t render like the finely marbled fat in Kobe beef. Chipper. Sweet potatoes are better though. I have to say that I made beef tallow once and said never again. Granted the type of wheat used now adays is GMO. thanks to your awesome instructions it made it so much easier! As soon as we get home I plan on doing this. I think food expenditures should be the highest, since it will pay off the most, even more so than medication. The main sections should be nicely marbled with fat. But if you don’t keep kosher, then sure, go ahead and buy the fat from whatever source you can find! It does sound like you did something wrong – the rendered beef fat should hardly have any smell. Having read the finishing touch for a perfect grilled steak is to brush on some “beef love” which is rendered suet, I trimmed the fat from my 2-inch thick steak, which still had some meat attached, and tried boiling it down to liquid by setting the gas burner to high and covering the saucepan. It turned out well, but the fat didn't render quite as nicely as I'd hoped. I use it for scrambled eggs and omelets, stir fries, to saute vegetables as a base for soup, etc. Thick layers of fat prevent any seasoning or marinade from sinking into the meat itself. 39:46. I’m so happy this was helpful for you, Chaz! Now, how do you preserve your rendered fat? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How do you explain that bread isn’t healthy to a religious person though? i freeze the fat because i never know when i need it and i don’t want it to go bad, but does it even go bad if you can leave it out at room temp? I use this up so quickly that it doesn’t matter to me if it’s clarified (strained) or not. And if you’re smoking your brisket, that fat will also prevent the smoke from penetrating and flavoring the meat. I wish it were cheaper here. ITAHow to render beef fat . Cook Time : 4 hrs. We just bought half of a grass-fed cow and received it this past weekend. The benefits in terms of cooking with beef fat are that it has a high smoking point, which makes it good for frying and baking. Don’t know if that was burnt fat, burnt blood, or both, but it really gave “love” to my steak. This is also called suet. Rendering barbecued brisket fat? Lots of BBQ tips straight from the pit room Texicana BBQ Best Smokers Reviews ways barbecue and cooking tutorials using barbecue leftover T-SHIRT Checkout my website ‍♂️Follow me on: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM BUSINESS INQUIRIES / BARBECUE CONSULTING✍If you have any question fell free to contact me anytime! You should leave the fat cap on the brisket if you are smoking. Or put it in a food processor, or chop it. This fat will slowly render down during smoking and help to keep the meat moist. After we trim the brisket, we’ll trim out the lean and fatty pieces from the scrap pieces. About two years ago I made a maximum effort to find a way to feed my family primally on our budget at the time of $650 monthly for a family of 11, and despite being about the world’s most frugal person, lol, I couldn’t find a way to make it work and have conclueded that costwise it’s pretty much unrealistic. Monday link-up. I havent seen it sold even remotely cheaply- more than 20 something per kilo usually…. Sometimes you'll pick up a brisket that has more fat than you expected and you may end up with more trimmings. (I make hamotzi for the family unless ds18 happens to be home.) one of the jars has a golden brown liquid (i’m assuming meat juice) at the bottom after the fat turned white, is it still okay to store this jar in the fridge for a substantial amount of time? Prep Time : 10 mins. (This post is linked to Make Your Own Monday, Monday Mania, Homestead Barn Hop, Real Food 101,  Traditional Tuesdays, Real Food Wednesday, Works for Me Wednesdays, and the Real Food Hanukkah Blog Carnival. butcher. :0), Awesome, Pam! With the fat cap on the brisket, a lot of that is hard fat that does not render. We minimize grains as much as possible, but the challenge is that beans and grains are budget stretchers. Rendered Beef Brisket Fat quantity ... time nutritionists are encouraging people to go back to basics for cooking fats and there’s nothing more basic than rendered beef fat. Best uses for rendered beef fat Ruth Lafler | Apr 15, 2014 10:39 AM 19 I rescued more than five pounds of beef trimmings that were about to be thrown away by my local fancy-schmancy (all humanely raised, mostly grass-fed, etc.) ), (This is an excellent site and is filled with high quality information, but you’ll find a little bit of off-color language from time to time – just a warning for those who would be bothered. The beef particles will sink to the bottom of the jar. It is inevitable that some fat sections will be marbled with meat and that is OK. Any meat that goes with the fat to render will turn into "cracklins" (similar to pork rinds/chicharron). So, you see, your instructions for the simplest task are needed and much appreciated. For those of you wondering why in the world I’d want to use something as artery clogging as beef fat, it’s because it’s not saturated fat that causes heart problems, but processed vegetable oils (yes, like the widely touted canola and soy oils). Calories : 387 kcal. I don’t know if it’s actually a blanket recommendation for bread itself or a recommendation to eat breakfast rather than start the day hungry. When I don’t want to write about Down syndrome because it’s hard. It will also wash away any seasoning on the meat, and won’t let you form a nice bark on it. Remember there are also two kinds of fat on any cut of meat. Log In Sign Up. They’ve done analyses of the stuff they’ve scraped out of arteries and it’s not saturated fat. Also, what they ate as bread is nothing like what we eat nowadays, and I don’t mean just our GMO wheat. from my kosher store (the owner was like, you know pesach is over, right?). When it’s liquid, it’s called rendered – pour the fat through a strainer into a glass jar or container. Made a brisket (point) last night. First, let’s trim down that fat. It it still worth it to try to get or buy fat from a regular butcher? Most folks won’t want to eat a mouth full of fat, so no need to keep so much of it on. New to Chowhound? Thanks again, and consider this: Why do you think the “Dummies” books sell millions of copies! I made sure to ask for the fat and any extra that I could get. Print Recipe Save to Pinterest. New to Chowhound? Total Time : 4 hrs 10 mins. There is a layer of fat on one side of the brisket, which can vary in thickness. I think if I could get offal I could save quite a bit on supplements. I’ve seen all those things recommended. Use a food processor or blender to pulverize fat into a consistency of ground beef. You can see that in my picture above. And no fat to brush my steak with. This fat covering on the top side of beef is commonly called the fat cap. It was super dark brown, smelled kinda nice, so I brushed it on the steaks. Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. Five jars of cooled (white) fat, jar on right with melted fat still hot. I wonder if I did something wrong…. Within minutes there was black smoke billowing out of the pan and filling the entire kitchen, spreading into other rooms. Just enough to barely cover the bottom. Knowing your brisket is very important. It goes against the motzi for one thing, and the whole bread is a staff of life which is in most cultures. You might feel like “Some things are so easy you feel almost foolish posting instructions on how to do it…” but your instructions explained why my entire kitchen was black with smoke, the fat I was melting was an inferno, and I was left with lumps of black coal in the pan. 650 is less than what we spend per month on a family of 4. Has anyone tried rendering fat or using bacon or some other fat to inject into briskets? Place the fat into your pan, then add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan by about half an inch. Dr. Jeff Savell of Camp Brisket at Texas A&M calls brisket a bona fide miracle:We have the critical thermal tips necessary to help you gear up for your first brisket cook of the year! If you want to make life more involved for yourself, then go ahead and dice the fat up. Which is why it probably isn't. I ordered a whole barbecued brisket which was absolutely delicious. Brisket Too Big for Your Electric Smoker? I make beef tallow & shamaltz too:) I do use mason jars, but I never thought of not putting them in the fridge. He just tells people that grains upset his stomach and he feels a lot healthier not eating them, and people find this interesting since so many people have digestive issues, or know someone who has Crohn’s, celiac, IBS, etc. I agree with you on the budget issue and eating primal…… 6 of us are gluten free, so that’s an expense too. Place into a slow cooker, dutch oven, or … I was left with a ton of smoked fat pieces which I am currently rendering on the stove. I’m so happy for you about that! Stove top dry render method. Simmer the fat on low for a few hours, until the fat starts to shrivel. If left on, it will make the meat absorb less smoke flavor, not to mention the prime real estate for eating that bark that develops over the cook. Whole hog and achiote mopping sauce to render beef fat - brisket tallow _ Brisket ways Ep. Assuming you’ve strained it, you should be able to keep this at room temperature for quite a while. How To Keep Brisket Moist and a Fat Dripping ExperimentThe Rec Tec 680 continues to shine. What a disaster! Best uses for rendered beef fat. Go ahead, pour off what’s melted, and keep melting the remainder – that’s what I did above, which is why one jar in my picture was in the hot melted stage while the others had already cooled off. Hi Avivah, It’s nice to hear from someone who eats primal – that’s my personal preference for eating (which I’ve mentioned recently in a comment, though don’t directly write about). We’ve often put our fat in the freezer until we have time to deal with it; it’s convenient that it waits until you’re ready for it. Mad Scientist BBQ 997,099 views. I’m going to have to check out your blog. . Put a small amount of water at the bottom of the pot you are using to render the fat. But since Chanukah began just last night and it’s traditional to fry foods in oil during this eight day festival, I’m going to go ahead and share an option for frying that our family enjoys year round! Put the burner on low, and let the fat slowly melt over the course of time – it might take up to a few hours, depending how much fat you have. i bug packaged ground beef or chicken cut up in quarters or eighths. . Fantastic for cooking your veggies in or even broiling other meats to stack on an extra layer of flavor, you can’t go wrong with this slow rendered, filter tallow from a cut of beef brisket. So glad to “meet” you! That was a fun trick but you can get a LOT more mileage out of your rendered brisket fat. Put all the fat pieces into a stockpot, and add enough water to reach the top of the fat. What I’ve liked doing in the past is rendering a large batch of fat at a time, pouring the hot strained fat into glass canning jars, and then immediately closing each jar with a new canning lid and ring. Making your own beef tallow is a great way to use extra fat trimmings from a brisket or other parts of the cow. If you have a big chunk, you might find that you can pour off most of the melted fat, but there’s still a chunk left. Some things are so easy you feel almost foolish posting instructions on how to do it, and how to render beef fat (or chicken fat) is one of those things! Allow it to harden completely. It … Beef or chicken fat isn’t a necessity for health, but a nice alternative to know about if you have the availability of the raw materials. This week, after trimming who knows how many pounds of brisket, they gave me a gallon sized bag of brisket trimmings.I believe the idea was to give it to my pup, but before I go that far, I wanted to see if anyone has any brilliant ideas for what to do with it. I look forward to having all that good fat to cook with. Wow, delicious. It’s great to find a fellow real foodee living in Israel. this is how my mom taught me to cook- it’s like second nature… but she used to throw away the fat and i save it for sauteing veggies or to flavor up grain dishes like rice or quinoa. i did this today! I just share my thoughts on it, and if they’re interested, follow up with more information on the difficulty the body has digesting grain. I like to place some parchment paper underneath the board for easier cleanup and less chance of contamination. Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. This is caused by shrinkage during cooking and the loss of a lot of the fat, much of it from trimming. If you are using fat from a beef-breed animal (Angus or Hereford for example), your … This prevents the fat from browning as we begin to heat it up. We moved from the US four months ago, and have been getting fat for at least four or five years directly from a small butcher – they’re the ones who can save you parts that you request, who can put aside fat they are trimming off of other peoples’ orders and save it for you…once you find that, you’re in business! And we also have the right tool: the all-new Smoke™. Ruth Lafler | Apr 15, 2014 10:39 AM 19. Required fields are marked *. So I bottled the 1/2-inch worth of what was left in a glass jar, and will add rendered suet (this time according to your most valuable instructions) to it.

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