The player after choosing his character can get into the game world, interact with other online players, Date and get married, have a virtual family, kids, jobs and everything he can think of in a realistic and real life-like environment. PC A game about eating hot pot and awkward conversations. There are three different types of Life Simulation such as Digital Pet, Biological Simulations, and Social Simulation. This great life-simulation is available to experience on iOS, Android and PC platforms. The game offers exciting gameplay and comes with similar gameplay as its predecessors. Your task is to explore the whole island, collect resources, construct buildings, grow crops and start a new civilization. We love sim games because they simulate real life situations like piloting an airplane, managing a farm, or even a catching a fish. Furthermore the game tasks you to create beautiful floral arrangements and enjoy up to hundred awesome levels of the game. It combines the elements of romance, dating, fantasy and adventure. Your journey will begin from next year and continue 20 years into the future. iAMFAM lets you select and customize your family members, pursue your career in any of the given fields (Fashion, Computer, Finance, Arts etc. They are generally games where you control someone’s or something’s entire life. Start as an uneducated bum living on a park bench and end as a yacht driving CEO living in a mansion. are the most exciting features of the game. Do try it out. Select your menu to suit your taste and invite Facebook fellows to be your neighbors. [email protected] Sign Out. Streamer Life Simulator Free Download Full PC Game Streamer Life Simulator Free Download Full PC Game. Earn money by selling your crops at nice profits. The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook, the second game in the series of The Flower Shop is an amazingly addictive Dating, Farming and Life-Simulation by Winter Wolves. God game with fully simulated genetics and evolution. Unlike other similar games, Top Stylist has a strict customer code and it makes you fulfill the desires of the clients and earn heavy rewards. With a lot of quests, crafting system, beautiful visuals and an addictive game-play, Happy Street is a Farming Simulation to play and enjoy. Simulators generally require more study and orientation than arcade games, and the best simulators are also educational. Initially, the game allows the players to select a Hamster, take it to the gameplay, touch its face, feed it with all kinds of delicious Hamster recipes and earn coins by taking care of it. Grow crops and harvest them when getting ready. The game lets you get into the character of Jill, team up with your friends and open four new shops, purchase materials needed, manage and upgrade your shops, bake delicious cakes and sell them to your beautiful customers. Each Volume Set contains eight mini-episodes. Surviving High School is a 2005’s Top trending Episodic Interactive Fiction and Visual Novel video game distributed worldwide by EA Mobile. Surviving High School offers a Choice-based gameplay and allows the players to choose their own Adventures and Interactive Fiction. By performing such tasks as giving food to hamster many times, changing its location on the screen, playing with it rewards the players with experience points that they can use to buy in-game items and enjoy upgrading. Download Streamer Life Simulator through a single direct link. Delicious Emily’s New Beginning assesses your true management skills and tasks you with taking care of your new born baby girl. The game lets you welcome a new member to your Family and reopen the restaurant you previously closed. If you want to try out best of the best as an alternative to Spore, Artificial Life … The Island: Castaway 2 includes enhanced mechanics, gameplay, visuals and story. Village Life is a fantastic new Community and Life-Simulation by Playdemic. Farming games are a great way to give your green thumb a workout without getting your hands dirty. It takes place in the realistic environment and lets you find your husband or wife and start your virtual family. Do try it out. RPG 2. Do give it a try for an ultimate Life-Simulation experience. and the player can adopt one of them take care of them, feed it regularly and play with him. Sit on a horse and become a Cowboy, unfortunately it won't be that easy because many dangers await on that path and you are no hero yet. The game is cited as a little-known forerunner of virtual-life simulator games to follow. Then Enjoy!! Click On Below Button Link To Streamer Life Simulator Free Download Full PC Game. The player can add dogs, cats, birds, fishes, lizards, turtles and other animals to his house. Hotel Dash is a wonderful Hotel and Time Management video game that allows you to be a Hotel manager, renovate and build hotels on all corners of the Diner town, serve your wonderful guests with all the luxuries, provide room services and all the necessary items and make their stay wonderful. The Sims 2 (GBA) Simulation 24 October 2005. Each and every Expansion pack offers loads of new and exciting things and enhances the player’s fantastic experience with the game. Top Stylist sets you up into the character of a Stylist and tasks you to style and fashionize your clients for various occasions. Increase the number of dwellers by pairing a female and a male dweller in living vault. For the most part, there is neither a goal nor competition in the game. No Need To Crack Or Serial Number Or Any Key. For all those who wanted more freedom in The Sims games, The Sims 3 is their dream come true. In general, The Sims 3 is the most amazing Life-Simulation and Social networking platform for all the players around the world. You get to FairBrook and start working on a flower shop. Being an only girl on-board, you are the center of the universe and definitely the center of attention to every man on the ship. It offers core features such as Build and Design a unique cafe with your creativity, Customization, Secret Recipes, Hundreds of Dishes, and more. Your task in the game is to help Aaron out with remembering things from his past and continue on the course where you both were before. With a bunch of new characters choices, The Sims FreePlay lets you choose the best personalities (Rocker, villain, Sporty, Party Animal, Creative, Bookworm etc.) iAMFAM also allows you to upgrade your own and family member characters by going on different quests and completing them, modify your living space (Buy furniture , accessories, pets, vehicles etc. The game lets you be a boutique owner who is the only one with the most beautiful clothing, accessories and couture in the whole town. Trending Now. Alter Ego is an online Virtual World (Tree Based) Action-Adventure and RPG (Role Playing Game) and Community based video game developed and published by Activision back in 1986. Farming part of the game allows you to grow different organic crops, process them, make different products with them and sell them afterwards to earn money. Play simulation games at In the base game the player takes care of virtual people and he organizes their daily time. Unlock further features and immerse yourself in the farmer experience. In the game, you can create and design the bakery of dreams with stunning creativity and variety. Show me who you are. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it. Budget management simulator inspired by the low salaries and high living costs in Chile. This game was really fun to play despite it being short. Artificial Life is a cool Life-Simulation and RTS that offera truly amazing gameplay experience. But this is the first text life simulator to truly mash up and simulate adult life. Pirates in Love by Voltage is a wonderful Otome, Visual Novel Style Dating and Romance Life-Simulation created by Voltage inc. Japan. The organisms in the game are all represented by different colors and shapes and they are bound to move in an orbital motion along the sun that kills any organism that comes in close. Being actually a treat to all the Sun and Sea lovers, this cool game allows you to build your own Island with beautiful sunny beaches and manage businesses and enjoy the most epic, fun filled game-play ever. Complete challenging quests to progress in the game and customize your farmer with different outfits. Just Download, Run Setup, And Install. Imagine Lifetimes is a satirical simulation game about the meaning of life. To jump into the game world, you have to create your character and customize it with different and unique outfits. With super amazing option like creativity, designing, producing etc. Many things are still familiar even in the future worlds, some things appear almost permanent. The game offers delicious gameplay, in which you can uncover the mystery of secrets dishes, chat with customers, and invite your Facebook to be your neighbor. After all, it’s not much of a life simulator if money is never an issue. Bakery Story is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. Welcome to the second entry in the Life Simulator series! Create your character, start your star career, dominate the red carpets and chat with fellows, followers, and fans. A fun life simulator game. Sally’s Spa is a cool Time Management video game inspired by the popular Diner Dash but it provides with quite a different experience than the one mentioned above. Discover new ingredients and Exchange secret recipes with your fellows to win the heart of your customers. The destiny is so tricky – you never know how your current decisions will influence your future. The players can take care of the Hamsters in so many different ways and enjoy an epic gameplay. We now have Player to Player Trading, so you can share all the cool, exclusive items that you find in game! View the individual games for more details. iAMFAM offers super realistic visuals, great game-play and a lot of other cool things for you to play and enjoy the game. Top Girl is a fantastic new Fashion and Dress up simulation greatly inspired the popular GirlSense that lets you be a true shopaholic. Restaurant City is the best game to play and enjoy. I love the art, it was a homey-vibe into it, it looks comfy and wholesome at the same time. It rewards you with experience points as you complete objectives and you can use your points to buy clothes and other stylish outfits. Take care of animals by feeding, and bathing. Write commandments to guide your followers towards survival! Explore the game world, gather resources, customize your dwellers and protect your world from evil and enemies. You can also alter the ending of the game by manipulating the events and happenings. Due to the game’s economic system, players will have to learn how to manage their finances as well. A fun simulation game where you mess with people's lives. School Simulator is a singleplayer 3D simulation game where you are playing as a school director. With a unique game-play and mechanics, Alter Ego had a huge fan base and is still rocking. Decorate your world with tons of decorations and accessories. If the players have ever experienced a life simulation game on their computer and desire to play the same games on their Android Device, these are the best Android Life Simulation games that the players can try. Discover new ingredients and cook delicious foods. You can choose between the four available boys and the chosen one will be your boyfriend for the rest of the game until you break up with him. The game takes place in the fictional wasteland and allows you get into the game world where you have to create your vault. Interactive story games have been around for years. Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can alter the ending of any story or episode in the game by simply acting naturally and a little bit different than the story-line. Keep your regular customers happy by selecting tasty new dishes. Restaurant City is a free-to-play, Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual World and Fantasy-based Simulation available to play on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, and Social Platform Facebook. A browser based version of the game is still available that allows the players to craft their own identity by a text based game-play. The game contains subtle lessons about financial investment, relationship, career, time management, and life … Games that try to simulate real-world activities (like driving vehicles or living the life of someone else) with as much realism as possible. As the life fantasy nature of the game, you act as your normal daily life routine and you can get a job that boosts up your skills and your hard work results in a job promotion. The game lets you be Sally a Spa and makeover Sensation, who is a proud owner of the most famous and a great Spa in the town. Throw cards at your monitor to finish a game before the gamejam ends. Promote your exciting movies and earn fans. Once you are all set up in your community, you’ll have to go through the routine activities like managing your own needs, decorating your home, interacting with other online players and your friends, Dating and spend your life the way you like it to be. Dande Studios. The game lets you construct different buildings, grow crops, harvest them and sell them in the markets to ear revenue that you can use to buy upgrades and other items. Surviving High School offers characters from another Sister Game, High School Story by Pixelberry Studios. During your adventure the world may change and you have a chance to make an impact to it. As the battle for your attention is already going on, it solely depends on you to choose whose best for you. Top Stylist is a cool Online Virtual World for Fashion lovers out there. and the game lets you select one of them and play. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it. As an otome visual novel, Spirited Heart provides you with a female character who roams in the game world, talks to other online players, interacts with objects and NPC’s, engages in different fun filled activities like dances, puzzles and daily life events, Dating with the cute boys and Romancing etc. The main and quite important event in the game is Races in which you take part and try to defeat you opponents and boost up your XP Level. Hollywood Story is an engaging, Massively Multiplayer Online, RPG, Virtual World and Fantasy-based Simulation available to play on Android and iOS. The game contains subtle lessons abou… There are dozens of pets such as cat, dog, etc. You are allowed in the game to expand the village by exploration, discovery, making friends, crafting objects, developing new businesses, accommodating the residents (Anthropomorphic Animals), creating communities etc. Fallout Shelter is an Engaging, Single-player Mobile Simulation developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios. Start Playing After Installation. Immerse yourself in your second life and enjoy social elements. You must interact with them, check out their personalities and find out who is your best match. Become a wild animal and try to survive as long as possible because there is no second life. Party. With an amazingly addictive gameplay, beautiful visuals, plenty of room for character customization and all the other great things, Village Life is a fun game to play and enjoy online. Many of these and our other simulation games will also let you hang out with other players. Battle Bouncers – RPG Puzzle Bomber & Crusher. While playing the game, it literally feels like the series has grown up to provide more entertainment and possibilities to the players. As usual, the game lets you create and customize your avatar and get into the game world to enjoy it fully. The players are allowed to control several unique student characters, and they are given the option to choose two or three decisions that may or may not affect the outcome of the each original story. The game is about a shipwreck on an island and the people who are stranded because of no possible way of getting back to where they came from. This game is about raising a family, owning any kind of pet you want, shopping, food, health, etc. ), earn money and spend it on the wellbeing of your family, take good care of them and your assets. You can personalize an online avatar, stylize it with the best make up and dress up options, put on some coolest accessories and enjoy your life. iAMFAM lets you select and customize your family members, pursue your career in any of the given fields (Fashion, Computer, Finance, Arts etc. Exploring the world, finding dates, engaging in all the fun activities and being part of the community is what makes this game amazing. Build and grow your settlement in a city-building simulation of medieval society. Chat with other celebrities, join parties and date other stars. Bakery Story is a Casual, Virtual World, MMO, and Fantasy-based Simulation developed by Storm8 Studios. Do give it a try if you haven’t played it yet and You’ll definitely like it. Idle Life will let you explore different lifestyles! Township is a great blend of City Building, Management and Farming elements and provides with a great fun-filled game-play ever. Adventure. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is an online Virtual World and a community based MMO and RPG Life-Simulation developed by “Last Day of Work”. Try it out. In My Life, you begin as a child and play your way through to your death. Users simply control their … The choice-based game-play lets you make your own choices and build a relation that will depend on your choices and actions, so you better be good at making choices. With wonderful visuals, audio and an engagingly addictive game-play, Delicious Emily’s New Beginning is a wonderful Management video game to play and enjoy. it offers beautiful visuals, fantastic game mechanics and an addictive gameplay to enjoy. They now have Personalities, Life Goals, Body types and Hairstyles, and they can now move more freely in the game world, thanks to the revamped game mechanics. Install Setup.exe. It offers an exciting gameplay for kids and mixes the elements of the building, decoration, and interaction. [7] The main objective is to keep the family happy and full their requirement with money. Play Life Simulator: GO [Beta Test] Help your virtual friends to create their farms quickly. Always Remember Me is an immersive Dating, Social Networking and Life-Simulation by Winter Wolves that offers a very realistic experience . The choices and decisions you make along the way will impact how your life plays out. My Little Farmies is a Building, and Farming Simulation created and published by Upjers GmbH. In Life Simulation games, the players can make new friends, start their family, build houses, etc. With an amazingly addictive game-play, brilliant graphics and other great things, Top Stylist is one of the best Fashion games to play and enjoy big time.

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