To enjoy the comforts of a 23 degree celsius abode, you’ll have to pay for aircon usage per hour, on top of the extra you’re already paying just for the aircon vent in your room. Pop culture and social psychology We take on questions about the present and future of societies, the wellbeing of persons through the life course, and the search for meaning and dignity in a difficult world. Heyo, send me an invite! Visiting NTU Global International Relations Student exchange and short-term mobility programmes Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Graduate Admissions Incoming Non-Graduating Students Academics NTU Education NBS is a School of Nanyang Technological University, NTU Singapore Zooming in on the Foreign Direct Investment Landscape in Asian Emerging Markets Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, an integral component of Asia’s strong economic performance over the last few decades, also facilitated the spread of regional production networks. You may not think much of Singapore’s watered down Sigma Delta Apa Kabar Phi fraternity/sorority equivalents, but true hall devotes will know there is a fair share of rabak-ness that goes down behind closed hall doors. Case 2: Underwear thief Possible theory: My guess? NTU Associate Professor Pham Quang Cuong, who founded the spin-off company Eureka Robotics, will unveil Archimedes at the leading trade event in Southeast Asia for Industry 4.0, Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019. You shouldn’t have to feel pressured into joining hall activities you aren’t keen on, just for the sake of appeasing your hall mates. What is the Hall culture like? Either way, we don’t encourage you to do this because it’s not exactly the most legal venture. Get selected for their orientation camp to be part of the "in" crowd. Go on and do everything you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the chance to, and use this time to find who you really are. Culture Yes, the rumors are true, the culture in SMU is indeed more extroverted than that in NTU. As a prospective university student, you must have a sleuth of questions and uncertainty about hall life. I have an offer from NTU NBS. Trial of the Elements Greetings to all freshies. You’d think only the female species would actually devote effort into room decor. Sometimes they make a guest appearance in the wild wild West too. I think of university life as a metaphorical Alice In Wonderland tale; Alice, the wide-eyed freshman, and university, the magic key that opens the door to the wonderland that is hall life. This programme is open to all NTU students who are interested in Take one for the team and be the god you were destined to be. But the game doesn’t just end there. Some local students go out of their way to make friends with international students living in their hall, and ask to be roommates. The only midnight oil you will catch me burning is the oil on my plate of Ah Lian Bee Hoon Source. Even funding is only 10k and its difficult to get support unless you only look for business strategy support. Every NTU-USP student is required to There’s no better way to engage in stimulating conversation and make meaningful connections than over a steaming packet of Ah Lian Bee Hoon or Extension’s Ba Chor Mee. This leaves students locked in their dens, and they’ve no choice but to find ways to entertain themselves and each other indoors. Subreddit for the NTU Singapore Community. But instead of fairy lights, Instax walls, and boho mandala tapestries, guys prefer displaying their proud collection of trophies – empty liquor bottles. From hall culture to transport, the Ultimate NTU Hall Guide helps you decide. The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) is the second oldest public autonomous research university in Singapore.NTU has been ranked as overall 1st in the ranking of young universities in the QS World University Rankings since 2015 as of August 2020. Remember: everything in moderation, kids! NTU-USP students typically take about 20% of their undergraduate courses with the NTU-USP while the remaining academic components are devoted to courses within schools/majors. :) The only place that can offer him refuge is the forested fringes of the West. Fun fact: rumour has it that NTU’s Ah Lian Bee Hoon is named as such because the stall owner has a reputation for being fierce to girls but flirty to guys, and has a butterfly tattoo on her bosom. Alternatively you can just stop studying and help “tank” the bell curve for everyone. China. Don’t blame us if your “group project” *cough* ends up in a raid and eviction. NTU student Mai Zhi Qi spills on her obsession with bubble tea and teaches us how to make pearls. Once they get the room they will illegally swop roommates to stay with their Singaporean friends again. Incoming NTU freshie? Now that I’ve finally finished (read as: survived) my first year in NTU, I’ll like to share with you the essential 101s about NTU. Just like how some of us ghost our Tinder dates, hall residents too have a tendency to ghost on their OGs. Read our article on other types of hall rooms here. The free-handed positioning of each bottle hints further at the slow descent into a degenerative lifestyle and nonchalance for the patriarchy. Case 1: Creeps entering unlocked rooms in the middle of the nightPossible theory: Brave resident of Yishun making a run for it under the cover of nighttime. Only the caveat is: their intention is just to get the additional 2 hall points from rooming with a foreigner. and there is another group for budding entrepreneurs to: - Gain insight and exposure to the innovation scene, - Participate in discussions about innovation, - Connect with like-minded and seasoned entrepreneurs. Some girls have a knack for collecting slippers – every night you’ll find a new pair of Havaianas, Ripcurls, or Riders at their doorsteps. Students can choose from That’s for beginners. Alumni, Professors and Admin folks are welcome too! It is the best way to engage with domestic NTU students and learn more about their culture. OGLs understand the trauma of first date jitters, so they take the liberty to help SP matches break the ice – with a whole range of games with just the right amount of intimacy, guaranteed to get blood pumping and hearts racing. Otherwise, if you are cool enough, you may be "adopted" into their orientation group when the term actually begins. I’ll give you the backbone of NTU and I’ll tell you what to expect; you’ll gather your own experience and form your own opinions. Although I do agree that most of these things are for final years or graduates, it still good to expose yourself early I guess. Students majoring in LMS at NTU may organise their studies around different aspects of the field or concentrations. Also Highly recommend the Wine Appreciation Club . Adapted from source, source, source, source. Hey guys do y’all feel NTU entrepreneurship culture is pretty weak as compared to SMU/NUS? NTU Collaborates with AI Labs on Drug Repositioning and Simulation Database to Find Cure for COVID-19 NTU, National Yang Ming University and Academia Sinica, with funding from MOST, have joined forces with Taiwan AI Labs to repurpose existing drugs for new applications using the latter’s COVID-19 collaborative platform. Well, some guys do too. So agree, there is no focused programme into entrepreneurship. BTW they also have a tele group at A sophisticated algorithm allows one to find the perfect match – with the main criterion being height. Hi there, I stumbled upon a question asked on Reddit whilst looking at the huge spike of traffic to my blog of late - the problem with asking a question on Reddit is that you are likely to be ignored or you may get random answers from people who are not qualified at all to address the issues meaningfully. Patronage at the Sacred Altar Of The Bell Curve God spikes at 2 intervals every year. Profs are generally decent. All rights reserved 2012 — 2020, 12 Things To Expect In Uni Hall So You Don’t Kena Culture Shock – Told By An NTU OGL, Creeps entering unlocked rooms in the middle of the night, Guy secretly taking videos of other guys showering, Singapore Art Week 2021 – 5 Things To See Including Light Shows, Midnight Treasure Hunts & AR Installations, How To Get HDB Housing As A Single Person In Singapore, 10 Hotel Staycations With Next-Level Bathtubs From $150/Night To Soak The Stress Away, 10 Atas Staycation Packages With Free Breakfast, Late Check-Out, And Over $100 F&B Credits, 10 Epic Unsolved Crimes In Singapore's History From As Early As 1972 Fit For A CSI Remake, 5 Mutant HDB Apartments In Singapore You Never Knew You Could Buy With Your CPF. Know what colour bra or panties your fave influencer is wearing? OGLs will then compete for you in fun games like chugging, stein hosting and chubby bunny – somewhat like in the Hunger Games. Face it, if you haven’t played 5 sports, 3 rec games, planned 4 social events, acted in a production, and competed in both the inter-hall cheer and dance competitions, have you really stayed in hall? The LMS programme in NTU complements courses in related areas and encourages students to think beyond their specific fields. Pm me if you are keen! Be prepared to give up avocado toast if you want to enjoy the luxury of cool air while you sleep.

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