Keep getting an error message: Cant log in to my personal account, is it unavailable today. Please contact Santander at 1-888-222-4227 during our regular business hours Monday through … Can anybody help? Currently I am situated in the N.England. Doesn’t seem to have been tested properly before release, it’s no use to me now. Santander and the flame logo are registered trademarks. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling nil fix…app opens but can’t select anything on the screen to get any further! Please ring the Helpdesk on 0800 917 9170 (lines open 7am-11pm Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm Sun). Hopefully its not a problem with my account and just the website. All I’m getting on my mobile app is santander coming across my screen been like this for a few days now, any one no when this issue will be fixed. Very annoying…it used to be so easy to log in and check my balances but now it’s impossible. dumb eh. grrr (been ok before now) I’m on laptop, Tried to log into Santander and it won’t recognise my password or date of birth. TOTAL AND UTTER RUBBISH! I have managed to get in after about 10 attempts and then once in I try to view anything such as payee details or statements and it is straight back to log in screen? I have been trying to deposit a check for 2 days now….when will this be up again? can not log in have been trying and see errors when I open the coding script on the right. I can’t log in as am getting the wrong picture with the correct phrase. If not please contact Google chrome support as they will be more equipped to assist you better. Are there any problems with servers today? I have just opened a Santander account and stated to use this application for my Santander banking needs online. Unresolved via resolutions on phone, so now being investigated as to the problem. Password or Security number incorrectly. Only to be told it’s Waitrose fault but they’re double checking & have put me back on hold – shame they don’t divert some of their Ant & Dec ad campaign funds to improve their call centre experience. says ‘we are unable to log you on’, Deposits and transfers have been down at Santander today I can’t get my automatic deposit from my work. I can’t login online today. I can’t make a deposit on my iphone using Santander app. I can log in on my mobile app but that is all I can do. ... this will always be Santander (holding bank of account). Oops, something went wrong. I’ve been trying for a month after updating the app on my phone but get error message -Invalid JSON data: Value of required model key nombreCliente is null. Says oops! What is happening? I said id entered the right info and I had. Thank you. Oops is the message I get too. I can’t log in to my checking account. I do knot knew why i need to ring them as they Must know that their is a problem.. so fustrating, I can’t login to my online app today, why is this the case? Alternatively, call the helpdesk on 0800 917 9170 to reset your log on details. I’ve had the same problems but in my case the phone worked but the iPad kept crashing before completeing a transaction. (Says Server down). Any ideas? They claim to have ACH problems going on. Erratic service 9 out of 10 attempts I get BAD REQUEST message. Been 5 days now! What??? Unable to sign up to either online or mobile banking, haven’t been able to for the past week, Used cars at 15.48 all ok, shopping at 16.24 and no go CC or DC. So many things in this technology are nowhere on my radar. this is with the website as well not the app. I am getting the following message when I try to log in to both my business and personal accounts: In an effort to improve your Digital Banking experience, Business Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable during scheduled upgrades the evening of Saturday August 19th until the morning of Sunday August 20th. can’t log on to online banking or mobile banking. 0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 30 Upvotes. Very frustrating! Anyone know what’s happening ? I called Santander about a week ago; and they didn’t seem to be aware of the problem at the time. Message reads “Request failed:service unavailable (503).” So annoying! Also, SANTANDER please stop the stupid womens auto voice saying ‘im sorry etc’ pretending to be a real person when its automated pish. Did it yesterday and still doing it today. When I try to make payments app crashes. Should revert back to old system, In the U.K. I rang them spoke to a Ms Ferguson. Password or Security number incorrectly. Know they have updated their operating platform a few months ago and it is since then that the problems have started. We need online to download statements, does anyone know what the issue is? Is it a current problem. I have reported problem that I found on Sat 3rd Oct, to Technical Support, where I can log in but i can’t use my account because I get unexpectedly logged back out again and again. 25 min wait & I’m through yay! I’m in the United States and I can’t log into mine today it’s June 1st 2020. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. I get to the first page with the picture which is correct, but when I put in the further details and press “continue” the page goes blank and nothing happens. Some customers are experiencing issues with the service (s) below. Our Financial Services Register number is 106054. 25th Feb 2019 haven’t been able to log on for days, I still can’t log on app and website not logging in. Can’t select an account or move money around. Unable to log in on any device today. Santander UK plc. The problem means I can’t use my online account to do any tasks. If you can't remember your log on details, you can reset them online. going through internet on PC is fine though. Put my CORRECT password and Security ID in 3 times on pc online banking website. tried three times to log in convinced put in correct details now locked out. not a corner shop.They text you a log in number to change your password and id etc. Same here though I could NOT login on Monday 2nd July. Something’s fishy about this. When I called the support line I was told that I must have input security information incorrectly. nightmare here too! Accidentally created another account I dont want to be lied to about the correct info ive entered and then have to wait 20 mins to call them. That’s great i need access to my account over Christmas . 30 Nov 2018, I thought it was my fault that I couldn’t log in. Something went wrong or asks for your login pin and then crashes, Mobile banking not working for me. If you are already registered, you won’t be able to register again. every time i try it asks for me to authorize the payment through the app and then says ‘oops something went wrong’. i can log into my account, however i can’t purchase anything with my card at all? I too haven’t been able to get into my santander app or online banking on my iPhone for days now. What can I do if I can't log in to my PayPal account? Santander are you going to pay people compensation for this inconvenience, I currently have builders in my house putting in a new boiler and central heating system and funnily enough expect paying but I can’t get through the app to do it, please tell me what you are going to do about this?? Your account has been locked because there have been too many failed login attempts. Today (15th Sept.2017) I get to the first page with the picture, but when I press “continue” the page goes blank. Can do everything with mobile app, transfer pay etc, but not able to confirm payment for online shopping… says failed authentication payment. Repeat teh process until you get the size you prefer. No deposits have been made today. Using My ID also means that if you update your password in Sainsbury’s Groceries, your password will automatically update for your Nectar account. 2 days now, Just awful been locked out of my account 3 times already in 2020 and so many times last year i lost count all because connection error with santander mobile app then have to reset a new password i never get this problem with other banks and credit cards seriously want to change to a new bank that has decent banking app. Other ATM fees may apply. Keeps saying can’t connect to server. Can’t log on on 2nd March 2019 using Google Chrome. For the past 3 Days it has always let me log-in, But says that i always have my Customer pin wrong and cannot get to see my online statements.. This has been going on for a week now. The mobile banking app just closes as soon as you open it. I think they are losing control of their system…. It’s so annoying – when will the issue be resolved? If you're having trouble logging in, you may be entering incorrect account information or you may need to reset your password. grrr. Enter all my details and it simply takes me back to the first login screen. Santander Consumer USA Inc., its subsidiaries or affiliates are not responsible for the transaction, the outcome of the transaction or any information provided therein, provided that if Santander Consumer is chosen as the lender to finance the vehicle purchase, the financing will be performed by Santander Consumer. nothing happens. Find out more at With Santander accessible to millions of customers, it’s important that the online banking is allowing you to login, but occasionally you might experience Santander problems … You can always opt out later in Settings at Has anyone been experiencing problems? For a laugh I recommend calling up to hear the bothched error message. i get the screen that says start mobile app and then it wont go any further. I tried to contact Paypal through facebook and was able to talk to customer service but they haven’t help me with my issue since they keep telling me to go on the website in the contact section. Time to move my account I think. 20 Nov 0915 – no go. Should I just change banks? Login has been very hit and miss since the app “upgrade. Will not let me log into online banking 22 november 2017. everytime i put my details in it always comes up with error and saying there was a problem !!!!! Lots of people are unhappy with Santander Online Banking compared to likes of Natwest, HSBC, etc.. is it really that bad. Santander has become a very popular method of banking for UK consumers, especially given that the company seems to be a lot more flexible when it comes to opening a new bank account, when compared with other rival services who may put more restrictions in place. NOT HAPPY !! However when I try to navigate in my account I am sent back to login page every time. The original app worked really well but you just had to feck it up didn’t you. “Please check the data you have entered, you have entered your Manage your finances and pay bills with seamless internet banking solutions. Cant login again today 27th January, I think their system must be run by idiots. I thought the experience would be the same. Alternatively, call the helpdesk on 0800 917 9170 to reset your log on details. Cannot log into Santander Business Banking via Firefox on PC. Logged on to my online account & phew funds still showing. If the account is closed, it is immediately removed from Online and Mobile Banking along with all statement history. online says I’m not allowed to access the santander website, 7/12/18 at 1:24pm, I have not been able to log on to my Santander account thru Comcast, since the evening of 7/8/18. When I try to log in, It just clicks me back Please let us know if you receive any error message when you try to log in. I phoned this morning and got back on. I was able to get online with my smartphone though. No error message. Since changing browsers from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge I can no longer long into my bank account. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app–still having problem. online banking not working BAD REQUEST message went to local branch they said theirs was fine got them to do my transactions, cannot access online banking, app or debit card, 13th August, could not log in on PC, reset passwords and that worked buy cannot log in with new passwords, never happened to me before. Why?? Allows her to log in but as soon as she tries to transfer money it keeps crashing every time! Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. Can’t access online account. been trying to log on for over an hour . Our team is investigating”. no problem on tablet. Been happenng a couple of months now. If you're having trouble signing into a local account on a specific Windows device, see Reset your Windows 10 local account password. If you have a Nectar account, My ID means you can now log in to Nectar using the same email and password you use to access Sainsbury’s Groceries. Today they tell me Mastercard does not work in Bulgaria..but this is rubbish as I can use it but not everywhere..I have friend who has mastercard also from UK and theres is working everywhere, Online banking, keep getting logged out after 20-30 seconds and when I select an option to do anything………HELP. What’s going on, can’t access my account. Tried several times over 30 minute period. Happened once, 2nd time I managed to get in, but before I could complete a transaction it simply threw me out with no error message. I am signed it to the Santander Account, I am using my personal ID (10 digit number), passcode and security number. I can’t log in today; neither can my wife. I’m having the same problem as everyone else keeps saying oooops something went wrong , has anyone spoke to Santander ??? We have never had this trouble with Santander UK before. I have the same problem. It says that I am Denied Access for the last 3 days and I am frustrated. Tell us if you can’t login or have problems with Santander below, also you’ll see status updates from our editors and issues reported by the community. Please remember you can also use our ATMs for many of your banking needs. It takes me to a blank page with retail on the tab! Find out more at Had to go to local branch office and they said it was because we froze our credit reports after the Equifax breach. I believe that it is them with the problem as it gives me unlimited attempts and does not block my account. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. Can anybody help? Just tried it and it’s not working currently. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website. Can’t log in to online banking, tried force close and reopen of app- nil fix. Very frustrating, as I have come into work to pay bills before the end of our financial year. There could be several factors that explain why you aren’t able to log back into your accounts. Apparently wrong again but now locked out. Online banking only works on the desktop. They are telling me I entered incorrect details too many times, which is nonsense, I’ve entered them correctly once and the error came up! Want to use the online service as mobile functionality is limited. I log in ok but it crashes every time I try to make a payment. Why am I getting the message to call and can’t access my account? my santander mastercard not working, no blocks on card,,, works in supermarket but no where else, I have tried to log in to my account numerous times without success, very frustrating. I can’t login in my SANDANDER ONLINE BANKING. I still can’t log on using mobile or laptop. It was not entered incorrectly. cant log in with my password + code.. Also, normally it changes the required letters/numbers each time you go to log in, but not currently.. even for 2 days now it’s asking for the exact same letters/numbers.. tks, cannot log in , Timed out”, did not even get into log in. Unable to get into my online account. Just told me to reinstall the app, which I did and it’s still not working! If you've forgotten your Personal ID you'll need: If you've forgotten all your log on details, you’ll also need your mobile phone so we can send a One Time Passcode. I am BEYOND FRUSTRATED! I can log in ok but when I try to arrange a new payment and enter the OTP I get an error message “sorry, the mobile banking service is currently unavailable, please try again later” I have tried several time with varying values and carried out a hard shut down of my phone and also uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Santander business app unable to do online banking- camera not taking picture. I dare not mess around re-setting if they are having technical issues. Absolutely useless. When our services are running normally there could be isolated issues, for example a cash machine not working or a minor disruption to Online Banking in the early hours of Sunday morning when we often carry out maintenance. I can’t login to my online banking 11/4/2017 although all my details are correct and i cant go into a branch because i am living overseas!! So maybe it has to do with the new update?!??

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