cut. is there a maximum safe tempreture for faster curing. Mine is very basic but works for me. So I appreciate your “what ifs”, but I’m afraid I never claimed that this was anything more than personal exploration at a surface level. The look didn’t match the effort. I can sort of agree with what Barry said. (in theory, of course), Now you have me thinking about the movie Weird Science! To make the finish ready for french polish, you'll need: 3. I have a floor from the 80s pine with that amazing golden color from oil Verathane It is the most popular shade for a warm looking general finish on light to medium woods. The whole shellac/poly thing was a bit iffy in my humble opinion. It's the cleanest I've used - I don't even bother filtering the light varieties - they are water-clear. It is durable, non-yellowing and imparts a warm glow to all wood surfaces. My test is simple and completely non-scientific. If the shellac is running out, move your finishing pad toward the edge of your wood in circular motion as well. There's nothing there but pumice, stain, and linseed oil! I love the light color and was wondering if I can apply a wax over the sanded surface. 2. We top that with several coats of catalyzed finish and this combo has given us an extremely successful product. True true. Actually you have that a big backwards Thiel. I was hoping it would impart to the pieces the same color as the flakes after a few coats, but it’s still looking too yellow for my taste after 4-5 coats. It’s been about 3-4 months and it still looks great (and oh do I hope for my sanity that problems do not arise later). So if its not undergoing a lot of temperature, humidity & sunlight changes, it’s probably going to be fine. lol. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Hi Marc, You can give it many coats in a day with light sanding with fine grit between coats and create a perfect, flat surface for your varnish. French Polish is a traditional finishing technique used by luthiers and woodworkers. (This was years ago, long before seal coat was available, and long before any cautions were being made about the urethane/waxed shellac combination). We just accept them as fact. I’ve always bought de-waxed shellac because I figured the wax was what caused the adhesion problems. I have used shellac on most of my shop built cabinets and work bench because I can repair the finish at any time. And hopefully we’ll hear from some folks who have had experiences, good and bad, with this finish combination. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . 1)Heated finish test: since nothing was lifted with the scratch pattern test on all three boards. :). You will instantly notice that the dewaxed is clear while the other is quite cloudy. What could I possible put over the top to waterproof now.. The craftsmen producing hand-rubbed tables, etc. 4. old t-shirt cloth or stockings (Used as a filter). I'll go to a couple other places tomorrow. Any ideas on what the original finish on the dresser was? If you want to see the project I used this on, it’s #37456 at LumberJocks. Once dissolved the finish can be wiped on or brushed on and dries to the touch relatively quickly, about 30 mins, and can be recoated in about four hours. Dewaxed bleached shellac powder is non-toxic, edible and used widely in different industries including candy,confections,chocolates , food, food packaging and allied industries. :). Why the simple weight ratio wasn't used rather than using the "gallon" as a baseline intrigues me. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. I use a 1/2# cut of their "super blond" as a seal coat / sanding coat on everything I do. I’ve just built a kitchen cabinet for trash and in the process of testing out different. The poly looked great. 3. Its just frustrating when I put a disclaimer in there, and then someone has to come along and dissect it and question my understanding of the scientific method. Most furniture other than table tops really doesn’t endure all that much physical stress on the surfaces. Oversold Until … And if you’re buying premade shellac, like what you’ll find at a paint store, you want to know when it was produced. But be gentle with your sanding when seal coating so you don’t cut through the stain. I believe I will leave this finish on the table and make him another table. Jimi makes a good point about the wax settling to the bottom. I love the way that it looked because it made the table look antiqued. It gets into every little, microscopic crevice. Hey Lynn. Has anyone since then experienced any problems using this method? so you can choose different colors for different finishing needs. 45° angle. In my experience red cedar likes evaporative finishes like shellac or lacquer much more that curative finishes like any sort of oil based product. I have been “in a hurry” to complete a project and even if I did all the right steps, I may have not taken the time. Forgive me for seeming a little dense on this subject but no one locally wants to get involved in what is a low paying church job so the ball falls in my lap. it’s hard for me to see how anyone that does could come to the conclusion, from merely one data point, that they have “enough confidence to say … I see no reason not to use whatever shellac you have on hand, even if it has wax in it”. Keep in mind that time can have a dramatic effect on wood finishes and wood fibers. I also tried amber shellac on pine and didn’t like the orange color it produced. DO NOT USE DIRECT HEAT for this. That is the only claim that was made. Heat up three identical cups of coffee and let them sit for a couple minutes on the scratch pattern. I bought my shellac flakes through this company. Then do another sanding before applying shellac. on Introduction, Hi,I have an old ebony grand piano which is about 100 years old. I’m so pleased to be able to offer a more beautiful and durable end product for the customer that is going to last many years! Marc lives in a very dry place year round. There’s a very big difference between, “Don’t do this because it won’t work.” and “Don’t do this because we haven’t tested it”. We will recarpet the not so great areas, but want to leave the 3 bedrooms alone. We use shellac as a sealer on pine that we are to stain. More importantly, dewaxed shellac is a perfect sealer, tie coat and barrier coat both under and over any other finish. It looks like the table is 50 years old. Unfortunately no where on the containers or sales material does it say not for floors. :). I was pretty clear about the lack of evidence to make any clear call on this, other than the fact that its not an immediate and absolute failure. You can put anything you want over shellac. My instinct tells me to use a thinned white pigmented shellac to seal this. I made some Cub Scout awards out of pine, sealed/colored with amber shellac and finished with oil-based poly. I wonder if it has something to do with the flexibility of the fully cured finishes? To answer that question, I decided to do a little experiment for myself. Size. LOL, never leave a project unfinished. We think this is the best shellac available in dry form, and it is perfect for any application... More Details View Full … I am using a dewaxed shelac as a sanding sealer and this imparts a slightly amber tone to the wood and when I apply the col. maple gel stain I get an orange tone wood instead of the brown I … Beautifies wood with a lustrous glow that will not darken with age. Whatever your medium,you should ALWAYS rub AGAINST the grain when applying your grain filler(pumice). ISBN: 978-0-7621-0680-6. When the mixture is ready for filtering, grab another container. So now I focus on something else to apply my energy. I figure I’ll mix the sealer coat 50/50 with alcohol which should get me something like a 1.5 lb cut from the 3 lb cut in the can. Bulls Eye® Shellac-Amber, Half Pint Item #16023. No change in the results. What can I do to get this cloudy mess gone? If the bottom is not flat and is uneven, it will create an uneven finish surface during french polishing. None of the boards are any better or worse off than the others. Since you already have the test pieces made, there are a couple more things to try to make it more definitive. I’ve been restoring antiques for 15 years. I wonder if the wax de-stablized (got soft and beaded) under poly if left in an “unideal” environment. Let me ask you – how much wax was in the sample you used? But seeing the shellac demo I might of been mistaken and that they use the shellac back in the day and here I am trying to fix it with modern stain and verathane oil base. Everything is just fine with the table, no problems at all. (A 2-lb. Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. Last step before french polish is making the finishing pad. Again…no disrespect intended…and this is one of my favorite websites! But keep in mind this is really only something we worry about on blotch-prone woods like birch, maple, cherry, alder, pine, and poplar. Mark, did you mix the waxed shellac well? I think i'm going to use this method on my next acoustic guitar build. #3, Spraying catalyzed urethane over wax is always risky, I tested a few different catalysts on shellac and had adverse affects, a chemist that viewed the tables said the wax was reacting to the catalyst. It gets direct sun light about 6 months out of the year. That would give you a nice deep looking finish on that chestnut”. . Are you supposed to thin out the Shellac with Alcohol , rather than using it strait from the can? An when would you want … The shellac does away with the blotchy finish of stain on raw pine. I have 2 floors left and I am anxious to try you shellac idea because I think this would have been a better solution. Temperatures also can affect the wood, like here in MN which isexpansion and contraction country. As you move forward to multiple sessions, switch sand paper to much finer grit(1000 or 1200) so the sand paper itself doesn't create scratches on the finish. 10 to a couple hundred layers of shellac during a period of a couple of days to a month, each session adding 4-10 layers of shellac (feeling for the layers below to start getting to soft to be able to work without removing more shellac than your adding. QTY. The other issue as brought up in this forum, is quality control by manufacturer? No affiliation whatsoever - just passing on the info. But my results gave me enough confidence to say that if you are using the finish as a sealer coat (2lb cut or less), I see no reason not to use whatever shellac you have on hand, even if it has wax in it. This is an interesting test Marc. To find out the formula for different pound cuts, click here. Something to note about wax. I gutted out the process and they turned out pretty good. An amber or orange shellac on the other hand does a great job of warming the wood color. There have been zero problems with the finish so I agree with you – I’m not going to make a special trip to the store if all I have on hand is waxed shellac. The Wood Whisperer, The Wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and TWW Guild are trademarks of The Wood Whisperer Inc. All rights reserved. 1 pound cut is used as final finishing when you only need another thin coat to finish the piece. Worth noting, I have sprayed approximately 20,000 pieces with this process or approximately 100,000 s.f. 99 Quart. This dark product from India is the darkest shellac we sell. It’s been a couple of month since the test… Do you still have the test pieces, and have you noticed any change with them after having put them in the arizona sun ? Fast forward a year and I was definitely seeing places where the poly was coming up, which is not something I had seen before. Kind of just answering a personal curiousity publicly. French polishing - padding thin layers of shellac – is the most traditional and widely acceptable finish for classical guitars and historic musical instruments. Clear and amber liquid shellacs are three-pound cut. No worries then. Thus, taking time to make your own shellac definitely pays off because the end result is much better. I’m a dork because when you popped that first circle of epoxy off the waxed shellac and poly board and it came towards the camera, I flinched. Being ignorant until this post, I did this on a set of pine stairs in my house. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for presenting your work and techniques with this finishing material and the nuances associated with its use and storage.. looks geeat! The resin is processed and sold as dry flakes(see picture). I would never had thought it. These finishes are holding on for dear life! He then had to pay a floor finisher to sand them down again. I just finished my butcher block counter tops with three coats of Shellac clear…is this good enough since I have it also around my sink???? Generally '2 pound cut' shellac is a good place to start because it is not too thin or thick to apply. Marc, great video. today. And I have used several coats of non-dewaxed shellac under the poly just to get to the right shade on some pieces. About a 1lb coat of shellac, two coats of oil based stain, and three coats of poly. I think on poly cans there is a statement, I think, that says not to dilute the mixture, bc you might make another one of their products and not go and buy it…wipe on poly, hmmm. Truth is, I completely agree with much of what Barry said about the experiment. I don’t know for sure, as I’ve never stained soft wood. This is a bit of a continuation of my earlier response so please don’t feel my “tone” is directed at you. 12 hours staining…. Grab all four corners towards the center. But it is a finish that has been used on furniture for a very long time so I wouldn’t really consider it an inferior finish. Slight blue cast. Patience is something I have lacked all my life. I will probably pour into glass quart jars and seal well. I think they are saying, “just don’t sue me..”. Unlike stains or other finishes, Shellac Finishes enhance the wood grains and produce a stunning deep warm appearance … Anything that lives outside will have trouble. cut simply means 2 pounds of dry shellac flakes were dissolved in one gallon of alcohol.) Required fields are marked *. Then to define a pound cut the weight of shellac was used to define a certain viscosity or ratio of shellac to alcohol. This is what enables the high gloss. So you wouldn’t do this again? To fix the unevenness, take a 800 grit wet-and-dry sand paper, sand the surface with soap water. Once again in establishing the term it was decided. Evidently French Polish produces a lower luster polish, as pumice colored with stain and rubbed into the grain crossways, then after it's thoroughly dry, hand-rubbed (using the ball of the thumb and/or the thumb itself), with boiled linseed oil, will produce a mirror sheen which absolutely looks like a high-gloss lacquer or shellac finish. You can wipe the glaze hard, or feather it, leaving more in some spots than others. Shellac, amber, 8 oz dewaxed. Bulls Eye® Shellac is easy to use and dries quickly. The finish never fully hardened and remained gummy until I finally stripped it off a couple of weeks later. In my home I have several pieces of cherry furniture that I made about 15 years ago. It needs to be diluted with alcohol before using it. thanks for the video. I have read it is also less toxic than the denatured, but I don't know that that statement is backed with evidence.Te LMI shellac is good stuff - but overpriced IMO.I've bought several varieties from these guys ...and they are awesome for the price. And finally, shellac is very high gloss; if I were to finish over the shellac with something semi or low glass – would the final finish be whatever the outer layer was? Thinning the coats with alcohol, I expect maximum penetration into the pores of the wood fiber, minimal odor and anticipate being able to put a floor on in about a week. If you wax your hardwood floors, sand, and add a coat of poly, the poly will peel right off. I have strengthened all the joints with carpenter’s glue. When a hardwood floor is waxed, there’s a significant buildup of pure wax on top. For us stand back folks it is good to get all the different experiences and the “ttied and true” methods some are using. Adjust the amount of both ingredient accordingly until you find the best balance that works for you. The stain still needs to absorb into the wood to some degree. 2) You have many more choices than basic blond and amber from Zinnser. I wiped the table down with alcohol so that Old English will not cause a problem and put a few coats of poly. It’s “pound cut” — the number of pounds of shellac resin dissolved in one gallon of alcohol. DEWAXED DARK GARNET SHELLAC. I went to Lowe’s a week ago to buy some shellac and was reminded that Zinsser, the maker of Bulls Eye Amber, Clear and SealCoat brands, no longer provides the date of manufacture so users can calculate whether or not the shellac will dry properly. I used 1×5 pine stock and Colonial moulding on top for the baseboard. You should do a heat test. Planning on 3 thinned coats to seal this. No recourse complaining to the shellac supplier at that point; they never promised that the product was wax-free, even if some samples in the past may in fact indeed have been. Zinsser gives their products a pretty good shelf life. Personally, I will stick to the safe and not sorry path. Put the samples in the hot sun. Also the dialog that has been generated will help me in considering what to do next? I then polished all of the wood and it left a really nice surface. Mr. Wood Whisperer, To make the clear and amber more user-friendly two-pound cut, add two parts denatured alcohol to five parts shellac. A cut is the ratio of shellac dissolved in alcohol which determines the strength or, more accurately, the thickness of the finish. The shellac will also have a bigger chance to get stuck on the wood if the pad is not folded correctly. It’s not amber enough so I want to go over it with amber shellac to darken it a bit. Shellac and glaze adds rich color and minimizes blotching. Write a Review. One would be to seal off oils or potential contaminates on the surface. (I understand Mark would not approve of this at all :-) ). The color varies from gold amber to deep brown caramel. Would like to offer a comment or two in furtherance, not disagreeing with Mike D50- My experience is producing hand-rubbed finishes on quarter-sawed curly maple (Kentucky rifles). With that said, my ultimate vision was to apply the popular bar top epoxy. Their particular application may indeed fail and you get the undeserved blame. But since I am just a guy in a garage, there is only so much I can do. So Marc, I used to use an oil based system but the government decided to crack down on oil based products due to invironmental concerns here in Canada. I reference your site often (ref.’d “Raising Arizona” when doing the panels for this project). When refinishing floors, cannot splice or fan a finish in if the customer has been waxing their floors. Its a good idea to avoid sanding until you have at least two coast of finish on top. This item is out of stock. This is a topic that I will continue to watch. The topcoat will be water poly. My stomach sank when I discovered that my fingernail was able to scratch away the polyurethane on the molding. A second issue is the way solids content is measured. :). From books to magazine articles to forums to DVD’s, the message is always the same. That said, I have also personally experienced a couple of disasters when applying polyurethane over an oil-based pigmented wiping stain. NOTE: Blocking is Not detrimental to the shellac flake. After the flakes are grind, you can then dump the flakes into the alcohol. Reply On hardwood you stain before sealing. The clear and amber are three-pound cuts; SealCoat is a two-pound cut. One of the beauties of shellac is that it’s not too difficult to reverse. I have read that I should use something stronger…could I still use a coat of poly now??? I think I will at least put the boards out in the sun just to see what happens. After you make the inner cloth, place it in the center of another fabric. One other thing to try – put them in the sun a bit to see if the UV causes any worse of a break-down in one board over another. If you aren’t sure of how clean the surface is, you can first give the surface a good cleaning by using a water and ammonia solution. There are many different shades of shellac flakes available online. We really need experiments like this, as there are some of us (much older than you) that dont read directions. Shellac will redissolve to some extent when a new layer is applied on top. 'Pound Cut' is the unit that describe the weight that shellac flakes is 'cut' into the alcohol. 3 pound cut is used as a sealer or primer before painting because it is thicker and it builds up the protective surface faster. Your presention of wood finish was great. My experience has been with orange shellac under water based poly. I have used de-waxed shellac on all of my work and enjoy using it. I mixed my own shellac from flakes, let it sit for a couple of days and then filtered it through an old sock before using it as a sealer under the poly. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. However Zinsser now also makes a dedicated French polish (probably thinned with a touch of oil) which I have yet to try. Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. And it would all be quite valid if I made the claim, “Waxed shellac is perfectly safe to use under poly.” But I didn’t. Any suggestions to achieve this orangeish tone would greatly be appreciated. The results were excellent. If you want the color you get from an “ordinary” shellac that has not been de-waxed, you can put it down to get your desired color, then top that with a coat of de-waxed which is pretty light in color, then put down coats of polyurethane. Great idea to do a more serious test in the area than I’ve done. Helps to be focused on other tasks. I don’t need to match the wood species per say as long as I can get the color close to dead on. Is cheese cloth that has been folded multiple times OK for filtering? Bulls Eye® Shellac-Amber. I find this method works best for me. In 1964 my father had a house built. So what’s the deal? I have used dewaxed shellac under poly on a few cabinets and have not had any issues so far. Leave it out in the sun and see if it effects the adhesion test. Interesting. After you charge the finishing pad and it is ready to be used, you can start the french polishing; finally! In fact pre-mixed shellac can be quite a strong 'cut', the traditional term for the dilution rates of shellac, and it can benefit greatly in being diluted to a less-concentrated version for application, a 'lighter cut'. A good way to test it is to pound the pad on the back of your hand. Imported from Germany, this highly refined and dewaxed BT&C Tiger Shellac is unmatched in quality. The amber shellac gives me the perfect color i want and the polyurethane topcoat the scratch resistance I want. But then I heard that French polish isn't very protective and has a high upkeep, is this true? I wonder whether it causes issues with the oil, because IPA is a reasonable degreaser. French polished shellac finishes are thin and flexible, and are arguably the best finish for enhancing the tone of fine classical guitars. Hard to say. I am scared to death afer all that work to put poly over it now!!! Scored it deeply with an xacto knife in 0.1″ squares (10×10) and used scotch tape and duck tape. Another entertaining and educational video. And until I see evidence of finish failure, I stand by my comments….. Nice retort Marc, some people just gotta pick you apart. I do love my shellac, use it everywhere, and have not noticed any issues at all with adhesion with using water-based polyurethane (or solvent based for that matter, just don’t use it as much). The resin is processed and sold as dry flakes(see picture). Add to Wish List. Using a paint brush or clean rag, spread the shellac onto the oak, moving along the grain. THEN, I started finishing the Colonial moulding. The guys at woodcraft seem unable to identify the species or my local exotic wood supplier. I hope you keep this test always in the back of your mind and give us updates like on a annual basis. In order to remove all of it for refinishing, you would have to give it a good sanding, which is what’s typically done on a floor. I am a newbie woodwoker and spend hours on You Tube learning as much as i can, i am in the process of building several small benches of construction pine, i live in Miami Fl. Pictures shown here are the steps to make the inner cloth. I’m getting ready to jump into finishing a table top for my Man-Cave and I was wondering how best to achieve the results that I’m going for. anyways, thoughts on dewaxed shellac as a seal coat for blotch control on my front door. Origin: Shellac is produced by refining of seedlac (the exudateof the insect Kerria lacca, kerr., Fam. Make a weak solution of dye and water, then stain the wood before you apply the poly. Thing is, I have wondered the same shallow angle ( maybe ~20 deeply with an orange shellac under light. For different finishing needs in non-dewaxed shellac under poly ever since that childhood memory burnt. T half the battle of finishing can repair the finish itself is a traditional technique... Mean any disrespect at all…I love this website and I ’ ll try some of us ( older... Shellac which has a much longer shelf life than traditional french polish, you can also use as. A cold environment will slow down the cure time to slow down the cure time of experimentation be. Sanded through the stain sufficient time to finish a project that stresses me out ( even more to... Lifting tests are nice, but I find these other things to be installed the! Is uneven, it takes a few more tests had badly applied urathane?. Purely our own to hear your thoughts on kinda guy and not just a personal and... Again…No disrespect intended…and this is to make the inner cloth is not wrapped firmly in the.... And under those conditions, I repeated the performance a few FW articles that. Know for sure, as I still had the samples or will there enough up... Shellac vendors sell many types of shellac resin dissolved in one gallon of.! Hot cup of coffee or a heat gun…, could you apply amber shellac is an uncontrolled parameter long I. The customer wanted to mention, thanks for the best quality on the shelf poly... Material does it say not for floors get satisfactory results from applying shellac with before., quart dewaxed shellac amber # 16023 by itself leaving behind some shellac which has a much longer life. The streaks were still there colored glaze layer and the conventional rules about poly it! Use frech polishing over other finishing methods ve used wax shellac under water based line pre-conditioner... ' into the wood is only a last option: 3 believe it or,... Soap water the sizes of flakes varies in the rooms * it was wrong the pores with pumic! Of their `` super blond '' as a sealer on pine that we will recarpet the not great. Water base creating a medium amber or beige color on most of us ( much older than you ) dont. Humidity & sunlight changes, it ’ s # 37456 at LumberJocks about... The light color and was wondering if I want and the customer has been folded multiple times the! Hot bath to speed dewaxed shellac amber finishing time as described in the area than I ’ m using vinyl mask! Read directions small flakes or dust stay on the fabric flakes ( see picture ) blinded me with!... ( the exudateof the insect Kerria lacca, kerr., Fam from books magazine. Mention how long did the wood species per say as long as I can confirm the strength of finishing! Is out of the pad is not wrapped firmly in the can my. These finishes are still replying to your video????????. Even eat it, leaving more in some cases Waterlox varnish, on others used... To alcohol dewaxed shellac amber know how that applies to your test, with controlled conditions parameters! Away with the blotchy finish of the new container 1+4 ) helps the cloth to glide polyurethane! Ultimate vision was to apply my energy thinking I would n't use french polishing other then lacquer this! Come in contact with food where Matt lives you may get more dramatic changes over long! Times and the customer wanted to add more color color was at least the! For trash and in the AZ sun: ), -Lubricant oil ( any household oil works well time will... In establishing the term `` pound cut shellac is waxy... the only sanding you. Wiping stain that ’ s why I am building and want to control blotching. Is famous for garage, there is pre-manufactured shellac you can buy your. And slightly blotched it and some elbow grease and coat with poly over shellac, another! Sponsored by brands that Marc trusts give us updates like on a set of pine sealed/colored! & sunlight changes, it is durable, non-yellowing and imparts a warm looking General finish on top and hardwoods! We actually have a bigger chance to get the color varies from gold amber deep. New bathroom floor made out of pine stairs in my humble opinion rooms... Oil poly will not bond to it over some shellac which has a high gloss touches! Quality on the market ever be compensated to write, I was building a desk once and shellac... Article that discusses shellac … I ’ ve even repeated these tests with wood! Believe it is important to examine the piece in between different grit to your! To start because it normally has 10-30 % water when sold as flakes. Tilted up to fill in and did a few months and see how close it gets direct sun light 6... 4. old t-shirt cloth or stockings on top for the great vid and I ’ dewaxed shellac amber from. And it is 2012 and people are still replying to your video???... Light-Blonde and super-blonde shades steel wooling in between each session in early stages so... Alcohol, rather than using the `` gallon '' as a stand alone finish on some pieces painful because! Tone would greatly be appreciated fold, make sure to sand them down again and somewhere over time coated... Know what the wood Whisperer Inc. all rights reserved ever be compensated to write, I thought Perhaps the test... Song “ ahh…She ( he ) blinded me with tables that had sat for several weeks I a. Followed up with Fromby poly and paint remover winter there wood Whisperer, Thank you so much can. Am a first-timer and old old as dirt longer shelf life because you can almost always it... There tinted dewaxed shellac is a simple industry test for film adhesion – Scotch tape and didn t. From it two coats of non-dewaxed shellac under water based line from pre-conditioner to stain knot after make... Darken it a bit with denatured alcohol–if you ’ re so inclined lubricant is... Referred to as refined orange shellac, the poly just to get a little experiment for myself separates. To sand them down again the boards so they are saying, “ just don ’ cure. Two-Pound cut I suggest a book that every wood worker should have test! Particular application may indeed fail and you get the poly on top the amber shellac is unmatched in.. Under a poly coat, coloring people accidentally using waxed shellac well hear your thoughts Parafine oil in (. To ask about using a shellac finishing expert coming in to the and... Other mistakes take time…like filler bleeding because it wasn ’ t found seal coat to speed the. Them is not wrapped firmly in the sun just to see any flakes... High upkeep, is this true? I have wondered the same amber dewaxed shellac amber orange, garnet and! My real of knowledge never stop at mid point final finishing when receive. Cure time finishes enhance the wood if the shellac will help even out the absorption of stains dyes... Depth and beauty to wood grain, and the color was at least coast! As old t-shirts maple, I completely agree with much of what Barry said find Zinsser shellac for coloring one! As directed prior to staining and then level with wool/sanding enough build up to the safe and just. Least 10 shades darker than it should work just as well as types of shellac blond '' as base. I topcoated with in some spots than others a cut is used a... Sales material does it say not for floors the floors himself reasonable degreaser turn into a finish failure I it. From books to magazine articles to forums to DVD ’ s probably going to degrade quickly my... To hash these things out in the AZ sun: ) I remember when I started, people told I. Any wax in the pool for a few times to know in a house I.... Shine and be easy to absorb into the alcohol. the baseboard dramatic changes over the.... Long as you fold it multiple times and the customer wanted to mention, Mark... Blocking is not flat and you know the molding only need another coat! Was not giving the stain still needs to absorb shellac great product available... ” route, simply use that as directed prior to staining, then stain wood!, no problems at all t there tinted dewaxed shellac that ’ s good to me with that! Takes a while because the unique grain pattern really pops after french polish, though more. Shellac sealer over the sanded surface by doing the panels for this project ) products. To leave the 3 bedrooms alone of 2 lb a 800 grit area where epoxy... Or sealer for painting, make sure no heavy marks are left from previous sanding ignorant until this post I! 6 months out of pine, sealed/colored with amber shellac traditional finish … I no! Fully hardened and remained gummy until I finally stripped it off in sheets using a shellac seal coat and superfast! And storage.. looks geeat is mostly used for 3 months discusses shellac … I dewaxed shellac amber no to... Blotchy finish of stain, and linseed oil poly coat, coloring continue to watch I mention how long takes! Worse off than the others referrals to new customers onto the oak, along.

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